Maxxcell in CSR

Maxxcell, ever since its start, has been proactive in its responsibility towards the society and the community.

Maxxcell in its vision and mission, thoroughly believes in making a differnce in students lives by engaging with them on a personal level to impart values on the importance of education. The impact of the same has been tremendous over the years as a concerted effort towards the betterment of Goan students has paid rich dividends.

Below are some of the annual CSR initiatives Maxxcell undertakes:

1) Man’edge’ment Fair:

This event includes presenting the latest avenues in the field of management to undergraduate students. With rising number of MBA aspirants we believe it is necessary for students to be aware of life before, during  and after an MBA.

Focus of this event resides on enlighteing the students with the content of an MBA degree along with an introduction to the top B-schools in India. Many graduates from well known B-schools like TAPMI, GIM, IIM etc are called to brief students over the various MBA streams like Finance, HR, Marketing etc. Students are also made aware of upcoming streams like International Business, E-commerce etc.

Corporates from reputed companies like 3D Systems, LG, Bajaj Auto are also invited to inform the students about the expectations from an MBA post-graduate.

The full day event provides a full buffet lunch for the audience, the entire event is free of charge and concludes with a question and answer session among the students and presenters. Mock GD and PI sessions are also included.

2) I-Quest:

I-Quest is Goa’s biggest inter college IQ competition. A pioneering effort from Maxxcell, I-Quest aims at pushing Goan students to think higher and smarter. I-Quest is a test of creativity, smartness and sharp thinking with emphasis on mental speed and strength.

Over 15 colleges from all over Goa participate in this annual event which is free to register. Students are motivated to compete against counterparts from other colleges which gives the event a taste of Battle for Supremacy among Goan colleges.

Winners are provided with certificates and cash prizes ranging upto Rs 10,000/-. The gruelling rounds leading up to finals include written test, audio visual round and a case study round judged by an expert panel. I-Quest never fails to disappoint.